Commentary Dec. 10, 2003

Anti-Americanism: Causes and Characteristics

Recent Commentary by Andrew Kohut

Commentary Nov. 25, 2003

Most of the World Still Does Without

Even in U.S., 15% Go without Food, 26% without Health Care

Commentary Nov. 20, 2003

Support for Free Trade

Miami Protests Do Not Reflect Popular Views

Commentary Oct. 29, 2003

Global Gender Gaps – Women Like Their Lives Better

Women Like Their Lives Better

Commentary Sep. 5, 2003

World Publics Approve Increased International Trade

But Concern for Problems of Global Economy

Commentary Aug. 22, 2003

International Public Concern About North Korea

But Growing Anti-Americanism in South Korea

Commentary Jun. 20, 2003

Broad Opposition to Genetically Modified Foods

Modest Transatlantic Gap

Survey Reports Jun. 3, 2003

Views of a Changing World 2003

War With Iraq Further Divides Global Publics

Survey Reports Mar. 18, 2003

America’s Image Further Erodes, Europeans Want Weaker Ties

But Post-War Iraq Will Be Better Off, Most Say

Commentary Feb. 27, 2003

American Public Diplomacy in the Islamic World

Remarks of Andrew Kohut to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Commentary Jan. 31, 2003

Bush Targets Top Global Problem – AIDS

With his decision to dramatically increase U.S. overseas spending on the AIDS epidemic, President Bush is addressing a crisis that dominates the concerns of people around the world. The spread of AIDS and other infectious diseases is not just a major crisis in Africa, where the toll from AIDS has been highest. Majorities in 31 […]