August 1, 2016

Germany is once again the leading destination of Europe’s asylum seekers

Number of asylum applications in selected European countries by year

Note: “Europe” consists of the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland. Only leading 10 destinations of asylum seekers in 2015 shown. Asylum seeker definitions varied by European country prior to 2008. Numbers for asylum applications since 2008 are based on first-time applicants and do not include appeals or transfer of applications between countries. See methodology for more details. Data on asylum applications are missing for some countries in some years. All countries that are part of the EU today are included in previous years’ data even though several were not part of the European Union in earlier years. Rounded to nearest thousand. See Appendix A for table of all European countries and list of countries with missing data.

Source: Pew Research Center analysis of Eurostat data, accessed June 22, 2016.
“Number of Refugees to Europe Surges to Record 1.3 Million in 2015”