Pew Research CenterSeptember 10, 2012

Chapter 1. Growing Concern about the Nation and the Economy

Faced with a slowing economy and political gridlock, Indians are dissatisfied with the ways things are going in their country, increasingly gloomy about the country’s economic future and also worried about their children’s economic prospects. Gone is the sense of well-being and optimism that prevailed just a few years ago when many private economists forecast […]

Pew Research CenterJuly 12, 2012

Pervasive Gloom About the World Economy

The economic mood is exceedingly glum around the world. Across the 21 countries surveyed, a median of just 27 percent think their national economy is doing well. Only in China, Germany, Brazil and Turkey do most people report that current national economic conditions are good.

Pew Research CenterJuly 23, 2009

Chapter 7. Global Publics View Their Lives

Despite continuing unease with global and national conditions, personal contentment remains widespread and strong. In fact, majorities in nearly all countries surveyed judge their overall life favorably. In most countries, majorities are also satisfied with their family lives, jobs and incomes. Even as many publics overwhelmingly rate their economies poorly, and rising numbers report that […]