Pew Research CenterDecember 12, 2012

Social Networking Popular Across Globe

Social networking has spread around the world with remarkable speed, and large numbers in many nations are posting their views about pop culture online, while community issues, sports and politics are also popular topics. Meanwhile, as cell phones have become nearly ubiquitous, people are using them in a variety of ways, including texting and taking pictures, and many smart phone users also access job, consumer and political information.

Pew Research CenterDecember 20, 2011

Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide

Cell phones are owned by large majorities of people in major countries around the world, and they are used for much more than just phone calls. In particular, texting is widespread in both wealthy nations and the developing world. Social networking is also popular in many nations around the globe.

Pew Research CenterApril 25, 2011

Chapter 1. Views of Political Change

Nearly two months after President Hosni Mubarak stepped down as Egypt’s longtime ruler, few Egyptians lament the end of his 30-year reign. To the contrary, about three-quarters believe Mubarak’s resignation was a good thing. Nearly nine-in-ten, moreover, say they have an unfavorable view of the former president. Mubarak’s briefly serving vice president, Omar Suleiman, fares […]

Pew Research CenterDecember 15, 2010

Global Publics Embrace Social Networking

In regions around the world – and in countries with varying levels of economic development – people who use the internet are using it for social networking. Other forms of technology are also increasingly popular: cell phone ownership and computer usage have grown significantly across the globe over the last three years, and they have risen dramatically since 2002. Consistently, these technologies are especially popular among young people.