May 10, 2018

Number of Foreign College Students Staying and Working in U.S. After Graduation Surges


The report was written by Neil G. Ruiz, associate director of Global Migration and Demography research and Abby Budiman, research assistant in Global Migration and Demography research. Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Global Migration and Demography research and James Bell, vice-president of global strategy reviewed the report and provided editorial comments. The report was number checked by Jynnah Radford, research assistant and Antonio Flores, research assistant. Arnold Lau, research analyst in survey research methods, helped with cleaning and coding the data. Charts and interactive were designed by Michael Keegan and Alissa Scheller, graphics designers.

David Kent was the copy editor. Ariana Rodriguez-Gitler, digital producer, Chris Baronavski, senior developer, and Seth Rubenstein, lead developer, developed the metro area interactive and sortable table.

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