Survey ReportsDecember 19, 2002

Among Wealthy Nations …

U.S. Stands Alone In Its Embrace of Religion

Survey ReportsDecember 4, 2002

What the World Thinks in 2002

How Global Publics View: Their Lives, Their Countries, The World, America

CommentaryApril 29, 2002

International Surveys: What We Are Finding

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, the Pew Research Center and several other major survey organizations have conducted a number of international polls. These surveys have been illuminating, showing a vast opinion gulf between the American public and people elsewhere. Yet they also reveal, surprisingly, the ways in which the United States is admired around […]

Survey ReportsApril 17, 2002

Americans and Europeans Differ Widely on Foreign Policy Issues

Bush's Ratings Improve But He's Still Seen as Unilateralist